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Data organization on disk and Backup

All data relating to a stage are stored in the same directory. This page explains what are the most important files in this directory:

  • geco.prop stores stage meta-data for Geco
  • geco.json stores all stage data (runners, courses, ecard data, …)

The geco.json should not be edited manually, unless you know what you are doing and want to fix it.

When you save or quit Geco, data are saved on disk in the above files. Geco automatically performs a backup right after the save in the backups subfolder. They are named following their creation timestamp. In case of problems, you can directly restore data by unzipping the last backup. Such backups are never deleted by Geco.

Geco also saves data on disk every 2 minutes (this parameter AutosaveDelay can be changed in the geco.prop file). Autosave performs a backup using a circular set of files named Geco uses 9 backups so that the last 18 minutes of activity are always on disk.