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Using the keyboard can speed up your work with Geco. In the hints below, the Mod key refers to the menu modifier key specific to your platform (typically alt for Windows/Linux, cmd for Mac).

When you switch between tabs, Geco puts the focus on the most important widget in the tab. For example, in runners panel you can directly browse the table. In results panel, the Refresh button is selected so that pressing space will activate the button.

Keybindings for tabs

  • Mod+number (1 to 9): focus on the corresponding tab, from left (1) to right. For example, Mod+1 focus on the Stage panel for configuration, Mod+4 focus on the Results panel…
  • Mod+0: focus on the Reader button in toolbar (space pushes the button on/off)

Keybindings for tables (Runners panel and Archive view)

  • Mod+F: focus on the filter field (start typing to filter entries)
  • Mod+Shift+F: cancel filter
  • Mod+I: insert new runner (runners panel)/insert selected runner (archive view)

Keybindings in runners panel

  • Mod+D: switch to Data view in right panel
  • Mod+T: switch to Trace view in right panel
  • Mod+S: switch to Stats view in right panel
  • Mod+R: recheck selected runner (shortcut for recheck button in Data view)
  • Mod+P: print split times for selected runner (shortcut for print splits button in Data view)
  • use tab, arrows, space, and escape to navigate in the table, and start/stop edition of table cells
  • Mod+L: toggle Live mode on/off