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How to contribute?

There are many ways you can contribute to Geco, whatever your experience and your knowledge of O and softwares are.

Use, test, assess the Geco experience to make your own opinion. Spread the word, it is the most simple thing you can do for Geco.

If you find bugs or have proposals to enhance Geco, please report them by mail or directly in the Bug tracker.

You can always help with software documentation: improving descriptions, figures, tutorials, screencasts. Translation of software and documentation is also an important task. The text editor will be your main tool.

if you are a developer, you can create your own extension of Geco, as indicated by the License. Do not hesitate to ask for help on the architecture and technical details of Geco. Finally, you can help with Geco development by committing your code to the public repository. Geco is developed using Git and eclipse.


Simon Denier, main developper, doc.
Julien Thézé, doc and french translation.
Philipp Walker, patches, german translation.

Special Thanks

Julien, Guy, and Jannik helped a lot with initial testing and feedbacks. Many thanks to Martin Flynn (see Ór, it’s cool too!) for graciously providing his SIReader library, which powered the Geco 1.x series.