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Geco currently supports the SPORTident timing system.

The four following formats are currently available:

  • Classic (inline course): controls must be taken in order
  • Free Order: runner chooses in which order to take the controls
  • Orient’Show: time penalties and MP limit, knockout qualifications,…
  • Multi Sections: mixing inline and free order sections, time penalties, section neutralization…

Free Order and Orient’Show support the following options when checking e-cards:

  • time penalties on missing punches
  • MP limit, from 0 MP allowed to any number of MP

Geco also supports Mass Start events and One Man Relay with an easy setup.

Geco offers powerful capabilities for ecard reading:

  • three reading modes: racing, training, registration
  • an automatic handler which provides:
    • automatically insert new entries when reading ecards
    • detect the course from the punch trace in ecard
    • look up ecard number in archive to retrieve name, club, category…

These features enables different organisation styles with Geco, from lighweight training to medium-size race.

Geco UI is organized as a series of panels in tabs, each dedicated to one aspect of the race.

  • Stage to configure stage, clubs, courses, categories
    • import course from the IOF XML format
    • change SPORTident parameters
  • Runners to register competitors and manage issues during the race
    • register runners in CSV file or using an archive
    • get a detailed view of race data for each runner, including trace of punches
    • manage special cases using the merge dialog
  • Log to get race statistics and perform batch operations
  • Results to generate rankings and splits
    • export results in HTML, CSV, and XML formats, with multiple options
    • automatically export results for live update
    • French National Ranking calculator
  • Heats to generate heats from results for the next stage in knockout qualifications (Orient’Show format only)

Read the UI Guide for documentation about each panel.