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Create parallel pools for qualifications

Experimental feature - Use with care

  1. Create one stage per pool (each runner has to run in each pool)
  2. Create a merging stage to merge all pool results
    • it should define a pools.prop file listing all pool stages to merge
    • it should define heatsets to qualify runners based on merged results
  3. Once pools are finished, run pool merger on the merging stage directory with java -jar gecoXXX.jar net.geco.GecoPools <MergingStageDirectory>
  4. the batch run generates files merged_results.html and heats.csv for the first stage in the knockout series

Notice that only runners having OK results in all pools can be qualified. See hellemmes_poolmerge in the demo samples for an example of merging stage.

Create a series of stages for qualifications

See the Heats guide.