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Manage end of stage and Not Started runners

The Stats views in Runners and Log panel give a detailed account of statuses for each course and for the stage. The rule of thumb is that the stage is not done until the number of unresolved status is not 0. This includes runners marked as Not Started, Running, but also Unknown and Duplicate entries.

Towards the end of the stage, you should start looking for missing runners. In particular, you need to distinguish between those still running and those who did not start (DNS). In the classic method, you check the list of Not Started entries against the control list checked by the start team. You manually set the status to either DNS or Running.

Importing station logs to detect DNS competitors

Geco does not support reading the backup memory of SPORTident stations. However, Geco can import logs from backup memories as exported by SI-Config. Geco will handle theses logs to find running ecards, distinguish absent runners, detect unregistered ecards, etc.

  1. Read the backup memory from stations using SI-Config and export the log in csv format (see this sample).
  2. Choose Check Station Log among stage operations.
  3. Select log file(s) from stations.
  4. Click Execute to process logs: Geco will mark all Not Started ecards found in the log as Running, so that you know these still have to finish.
  5. Once all logs are processed, the Mark DNS option will set up all remaining Not Started entries as Did Not Start.

To allow this operation to run safely, take care of the following points:

  • station memories (for logs) must have been erased before the stage, otherwise you risk detecting ecards which are really not there;
  • all logs containing all ecards going through the start (for example, all logs from start or check stations) must be processed before marking DNS entries (to avoid marking an ecard as falsely absent).

This operation can also optionally handle automatic registration of unregistered ecards found in station logs (this could happen if runners go directly to start, without pre-registration).