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This page summarises the different ways to register competitors for a stage. All methods can be mixed for a stage, depending on the present needs.

Pre-registration of competitors

There are two ways to easily register lots of competitors before a race.

  • You can import a CSV file in OE entry format. It is the fastest way to import many entries. The file can be generated as well as edited with a spreadsheet app.
  • You can import competitors from an OE archive, provided by a federation or some clubs.

Beware that there is no way to directly set course for each runner with the original OE CSV format. Instead, you rely on runner category and link each category with a course. Before an import, first create courses and categories in the stage configuration, then link courses with categories. By default, runners will be registered on the [Auto] course.

Both CSV import and archive import automatically create club and category necessary for the import.

With the OE CSV format, the only mandatory fields are the last and first names, the club and the category (short/long names). Start number, ecard, archive id, NC field, and start time are all optional. Other fields are ignored by Geco. The same constraints applies to the archive format, which uses less fields.

The Start time field allows you to give a registered start time, without the need for a start station. The given hour should be relative to the zero hour of the stage.

Pre-registration of competitors with assigned courses

Geco 2 can also import a custom version of the OE CSV format, with courses already assigned to runners. Using this format, one can export heats as a startlist for the next stage. This trick involves two columns unused by Geco in the original format:

  • ‘Time’ column should contain the keyword ‘Geco-course’
  • ‘Eval’ column then contains the assigned course for the runner

When importing a startlist, Geco will look for the tag ‘Geco-course’ in each entry : if set, Geco processes the next column as the runner course. Otherwise, Geco falls back to the classic behaviour by registering the category course or the default [Auto] course.

Onsite registration

For registration on race day, many options are available:

  • you can insert a new entry by clicking the + button (or pressing mod+I) and edit the entry by hand;
  • you can use the archive, as above;
  • you can use the register mode, which directly registers the ecard number and automatically performs an archive search.

On the fly registration

With the auto handler, it is possible to minimize pre-registrations, or even bypass them for lightweight organizations. Geco will create entries only when ecards are actually read. On the fly registration can be done either in racing or training mode.