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Operations can be performed on batch of data, usually runners. They allow one to change/check data in registry at once.

There are three groups (tabs) of operations next to Stats in the Operations panel. Select a tab and then choose a operation in the combobox. Each operation displays its set of parameters and actions in the top pane. Pressing Execute runs the operation.

  • Stage operations are commonly performed during stage
  • Referee operations serve referee purposes
  • Batch operations deal with less common operations

Stage Operations

Set Start Times

  • Change registered start times at once for the selected pool of runners (by course, category, or an arbitrary set); can be use to mimic a mass start if necessary
  • Only change the start time of runners without race data (i.e. Not Started runners); tick Reset all runners… to change start time for all runners, including those with race data

Check Station Log

  • Read ecard logs to automatically set remaining Not Started entries as either Running or DNS
  • Ecard logs can be read and exported from stations memory by Si-config
  • You can choose to insert unregistered ecards from archive (in case some late runners completely bypassed registration - at least you will know they are in forest)
  • Tick Simulate to see what would Geco do with the given data

There are two important gotchas when using this operation:

  • Station memories should be erased before the stage, otherwise logs would give inconsistent data
  • Be sure to read all logs (for example all erase stations) before ticking the Mark DNS option, so that you don’t miss some running ecards

Referee Operations

Referee Log

  • Display/write a log for the referee with all manual changes having an impact on results, like status change or time change

Batch Operations

Import Ecard Log

  • Import an ecard log with punch data to handle a stage “post-mortem”: Geco behaves as if ecards were read live, either in training or racing mode (including course detection, archive lookup)
  • Especially useful for light training events, since all operations can be performed after the fact at home, to provide results
  • One just needs to read all ecards with Si-config during the event in order to export the log

Recheck Runners

Recheck all runners in the selected pool (by course, category, or an arbitrary set); a more fine-grained version of Recheck OK|MP in the toolbar

Delete Data

  • Reset some/all stage data to start afresh
  • Geco performs a save/backup before the operation
  • Can also perform some cleanup with old backups

Random Generator

  • Generate random entries (complete with ecard data) to test Geco behavior
  • Additional action to generate an unknown entry (test manual vs auto mode)
  • Additional action to generate ecard data for an existing entry (to test duplicate entries)